dimples are cute

Kayley 3 Kayley 2 Kayley 1 I’ll start by explaining the title. Dimple is a 4 year old little boy that we have in our school. from the minute we got to the school and i saw him, i fell in love. he is the one of the smallest in the school, and he was very shy. i couldnt stop smiling at him. he is one of a kind and i wish i could show his personality. in the beginning i thought he couldnt speak because he didnt, but i discovered as i got to teach him that he could speak. he understood what i was teaching him and he loved the matching game that we played. all the other kids 2 kids that were playing became uninterested and left to play with brigham, dimple stayed. we sat there and played the game just the 2 of us. thats really when he started to speak. he could say all the words perfectly and understood me better than some of the 6 and 7 year olds did. i couldnt believe it. i think my favorite part of the day with him was when brigham said he followed me around most of the day. i also figured out that indian children dont wear underwear because sweet little dimple had a big old hole from the crotch to mid thigh. dimple needs new pants so that may be a mission of mine.

today was just a dream. this doesnt even feel real. im absolutely in love with india and everything about it. maybe even the bus rides that are 7 million hours long. okay not that many but it seriously felt like it. but the bus ride was actually so worth what i am experiencing and what i will get to experience.

so basically i love dogs and there are a million and a half here in india, but everyone tells me time and time again that i cannot touch them, yet i have a hard time believing that it will hurt me. i mean i know they have all kinds of diseases but its fine, i can get a rabies shot right? okay just kidding, even though there is the cutest little puppy here in camp, i havent even tried to play with it yet. i could play with it without touching it.. HA i really wont though, dont worry mom, i wont come back with any animal diseases.

but anyway i love and miss you all back at home! dont worry about me because im eating fine and having a blast!

kayley cheminant