By Chloe Workman

I didn't believe in love at first sight until I walked into the humble 12' by 12' school known as Kalsui. 41 pairs of big brown eyes is all it took for me to finally know why I have been working so hard for the past year.
One of my first discoveries was that personal space is nonexistent here. From the minute we start teaching to the time we say our goodbyes, I have at least one child on each of my hands. You can't go anywhere or do hardly anything without being followed by a group of sweet innocent faces. My little following consists of Sagira, Meenaxi, Salima, and Bhumika. They refer to me by the Hindi word "didi" which means sister in Hindi. I couldn't be more honored to be their new American sister.

P.s. Mom and Dad: I'm doing great. I love you sooo much. Thanks for the prayers. Say hi to nacho and wish Sierra happy birthday for me!