Chelsie Kraczek - Day 3 of the Greatest Adventure!

  There is no way to describe all that happened today.  We drove up a crazy road to the most beautiful place. As many of the buildings look, it appeared run down, but what that beautiful building contained was the most precious gift I have ever known. We slouched to walk in the door to a small, dim, classroom. And the most beautiful sight met out eyes. About 33 children from the ages of 3-11 all sat in neat rows quiet and amazing. I was overly excited and when one boy, Praven, came and read my name from my nametag, I was fighting back tears. Every single child was amazing, and so beautiful. They love you from the very first. They completely trust and adore you, and you can’t help but feel the same for them. We taught our lessons, played games, and had the time of our lives. At one point one girl pulled me close and kissed my cheek and my heart was forever touched. They all want so badly to be with you and for you to be connected with them. It was extraordinary how much you came to love them with in just a few hours. We said good bye until tomorrow and they gave us so much love, giving us hugs and doing our secret handshake. Then we went to the orphanage. There were many who went from the school to the orphanage.It breaks my heart to realize how little they all have. I saw one little girl with her sleeve and it had a huge tear that was just stitched up. At the orphanage we just played until I wanted to drop and then we just kept playing. It was spectacular and my love for them already is indescribable.