David Hales

I haven’t blogged since i left for India and there is so much to say about this place. There isn’t anything like this place, I didn’t picture it being like this at all. It is a very beautiful place and the people are the nicest I have ever met. The two things I’ve enjoyed doing most is being with the kids and visiting the villages around our school. The kids in my school are the greatest. They are all girls and they are the cutiest girls I’ve ever seen and the first day we met them and played games is a moment I’ll treasure forever. Thats when they started attaching to us and since then everyday i’ve gone there i’ve learned to love them more and more. Also everyday just seems to get better and better. Today we painted and they loved that, it was fun to see them paint. They seemed to love it. Also we played some more games today and something i noticed is they all know my name which made my day because they kept calling me to be in their group and to take pictures with them. We also taught them some American songs which they seemed to really enjoy and hopefully they’ll remember them. But something we’ve done everyday that i really enjoy doing is we visited a village today. It seems that every village here is very different. I cant see how the villages are in the same area but look completely different. Today when we went through a new village it was overwhelming. We came during a funeral ceremony for a baby that drowned in a pond but you couldn't tell that the people were mourning the death of a baby. They were really happy to see us and seemed like the happiest people I have ever seen. They followed us through the whole village trying to talk to us and eventually by the time we left they had all become our friends. Seriously i had never seen a group like this before. There had to be at least 100 men, women, and children walking with us through the village. It was definitely an overwhelming experience. But this trip has been the funniest trip I have ever been on and I'm glad i have another week of so for being here. I am so happy I got involved with this and i cant wait for more fun experiences.