Cragun's Real Blog

Dear Cragun's Family: Apparently Cragun started his blog, got up and left the computer to grab something and his adult leader thought he was done. He does actually know how to BLOG, and wanted you to know it was not his fault his last one was lame. Here is the real one:

Well since Jodee prematurely shared my blog post…

Oh Wow…Oh Wow…what an experience this has been. I am pretty sure 90% of my journal entries consist of the words; blown away, amazing, and holy cow…fitting for India. This, by far, surpasses anything I have experienced. I never imagined India to be in the condition that it is; the poverty astounds me and it has only worsened by the vast number of people living in such desolate conditions. It makes it so much more worth while being here. Despite their lack of amenities the people are full of happiness. I love it. It is amazing here in Shilai, every morning we wake up there is a perfect view of the expansive Himalayas. The kids at the school are wild, but so much fun. The school is situated at the bottom of a mountain village. We teach on a patio that is open on three sides with a perfect view of a river valley, the sky, and a multitude of terreces and roads lining the mountain. It blows me away. I couldn’t think of being in any better/cooler place right now.