Courtnie Larkin

This trip has been the most amazing thing of my life. I am having a wonderful time with everyone. It is amazing how poor the people are and how happy they can be. We wave at them while we drive by and they all wave or smile back. It makes me feel so happy that they can open up to us and welcome us into this beautiful culture. The scariest thing that has happened to me is being on a riksha! They are crazy drivers but they are so skilled. They fly past each other at high speeds with maybe a foot of space between them. But that is just a small part of this experience compared to the big picture. We went to our village and it is amazing. The girls are so loving and excited. When we leave after teaching them every day, they grab out heads and kiss our cheeks. It is so heart felt and I know we are meant to be here. Every day I get an over whelming feeling that this is where I am supposed to be. I know that this will change my life and change these girls’ lives.

I hope every one is having a wonderful time at home. And is keeping safe. I love you all and hope you have fun looking at the pictures of us in this magnificent place. We are all safe and having the time of our lives. I miss you all but I know I will see you soon because time is already going by too fast. I LOVE YOU!! And talk to you soon.