Courtney Ingalls

courtney edit 1 My India experience so far as exceeded everything that I ever imagined it would be. Our missing bags arrived a few days ago, whoot whoot! My stomach is finally used to Indian food, well as much as you can adjust. My body is even getting used to constantly being sticky from the humidity. Each day has  its ups and its downs, but I love watching my team persevere through everything and always have a smile on their face. Today was a day that I will never forget. It was the first day that we taught the "Mountain Girls." They are more eager to learn than anyone I have ever seen in my whole life. Even though their English levels are very diverse they stare at you with such a longing desire to understand what you are telling them! I taught introductions this morning with Rachel and even though the girls knew very little English I absolutely  loved to see how excited they all were to learn anything we taught them. All day today we were each assigned a girl to be with and so we were one on one with them helping them along. It was amazing to see how much that helped them improve! Just watching their eyes light up once they finally understood the message was amazing. Throughout the day they opened up more and more to us, I was shocked by the end of the day to see how out going they were with us even on the first day. I am beyond excited that we get to teach these girls and have this amazing one of a kind opportunity to be with them. YMAD has helped so many kids throughout the years. This being my second year in India I was so excited to see the girls that I taught last year, the temple girls. It was so incredible to be able to see them again this year and see how they have grown. At the same time it broke my heart because there are four less of them than there were last year. Some of them have been pulled out of school or they just turned 18.  It is so crazy so see how much can change in a year and girls can just be gone in that amount of time for numerous reasons. I know that even though these four girls are gone doing different things, they will hopefully always remember YMAD and the things that it taught them. I am beyond grateful for my time here in India. Being here always helps change my perspective on life a little bit, be more grateful for the opportunities that I am blessed with along with being thankful for what I have. I couldn't of asked to spend it with better people.

-Courtney Ingalls