Courtney Ingalls

We are HERE! Today we went to go see a few Buddist Monasteries in Manali. It was so amazing to see how beautiful and intricate the temples were and to see all the rooms that were there. We were able to go inside of all three and it is so interesting how different they all are. Manali is up in the Himalayas and it un-like anything that I have ever seen here. We keep trying to take pictures but the pictures are incomparable to the real thing. One of the coolest parts of today was that we were able to go on a Yak ride. Yes we all got to ride Yaks. It was so so so so cool! I was terrified at first especially since the guy let me take the reins and everything, I felt like I had no idea what I was doing. Rocky was a really mellow Yak though and treated me well on my ride! Tonight we went shopping and it was SO overwhelming. There are all these small little shops and you have search through a bunch of stuff to find what you want and then try and talk them down a little bit. It was so much fun though! The food here is something that I was so incredibly nervous about… I actually have tried everything though and have really enjoyed it! We have had a few kinds of chicken, momos with lamb inside, soup, and this stuff called nan which is my favorite! The trip has been AMAZING so far. I love it here and I love the people and the culture, it is unlike anything that I have ever experienced. I am already planning on coming back someday to visit again. The trip can only get better from here once we meet the girls! Today we got to meet Poonam and Lata who are two girls who were at the NHPC last year, everyone who knew them was beyond excited to see them again. That is something that made me really look forward to meeting the girls and making amazing friends of my own at the NHPC. I am just so excited to keep going on our trip and to have lots of fun things to tell everyone when I come home!