Contagious Lupa - Zoe

I was told that I would find someone that I love and would do anything for...they were right. In my village of Bamengachi, there is a little girl named Lupa. She can’t look at me without laughing and she always has a big smile on her face. I gave her a purple bracelet that was way too big for her tiny wrists that it instantly fell off. I had to tie it to make it stay on her and then I told her to keep it. She ran over to her backpack and pulled out her two guavas and gave them both to me. We had gone to her home the first day in the village and although she has very little, she will give what she can to make others happy just the way she is. It is the little things that make her so unique. Her humor is one of those things. We were doing eye exams and I went over to her, I showed and told her to put her arms behind her back with a little bit of space for my arms to fit. As soon as I put my arms through hers and made hand movements, she couldn’t stop laughing. Almost as hard as when we take pictures of her and show her what it looks like. She loved it. Her laugh is another story altogether. It is contagious. If she is laughing, you will be too and when I decide to tickle her I debate if it is a good idea because I’m not really sure who will be rolling on the floor laughing harder. I have never felt such a strong bond that I have with her. I love Lupa in a special place in my heart that makes me tense up to think about saying goodbye. It will be the hardest.