Congratulations Operation Nishtha!

10150552_10152279204999618_88714921_n What an amazing adventure this team in about to embark on! I want you to know how lucky your kids are to be traveling with the wonderful adults who have sacrificed so much time, energy and money to make sure your kids have the MOST amazing time! Bryce Jolley, John Stringham, Paige Romney and Kris Albrecht have gone above and beyond to make sure your teens are prepared! Lisa Adamson will keep your kids as healthy as she can, and is more then prepared to handle all the unpleasant parts of developing country diseases.  The group would be lost with out Gretta Millett and JoDee Baird..these women are pretty much my heroes, and are literally and figuratively like a mothers to me :) The travel business has been left to Robert Baird and Raj Thakur, who at this point, could do this in their sleep...and sometimes do. The plane is on its way to San Francisco. I will let you know once they have made their connecting flight to Singapore.