Carolyn Cooke Two days ago was Holi festival of colors! We all gathered in a big field and our awesome leaders had dug up some supplies to have a real Holi fight! In case you don’t know, a Holi fight is when you throw brightly colored chalk and spray brightly colored water at everyone! So that’s what we did to each other in this big, open field. I have to admit, that the Holi fight wasn’t my favorite part of Holi festivities. When walking around the whole day random people would come up to us with Holi chalk and spread it on our face, “Happy Holi!” The bright colors of the chalk was just breathtaking when put against the deep features of the Indian people.

After the fight we went up to the waterfall by our camp and all washed off! I’ve never been so cold. I wish I could have taken thousands of pictures or painted almost everything I saw! Hiking up to the waterfall was like a movie. It was green everywhere and moist and beautiful. The bright green of our surroundings surrounded with the bright colors we all had on us from Holi, it was just fantastic!

Love everyone reading and thinkin of me, the end of my journal entry the other night said, “This is where I’m happy.”