Bowie1 It is impossible to describe India. It is better than anything I could imagine. Today was our second day teaching in Kalsuin. It went smoother than we all thought it would. We got to the school at about 9:00. When we got out of the Jeeps, all of the kids were so happy to see us. I loved seeing them smile just to see us. I love how much they want to learn. Even though they dont understand english that well, they are all so willing to listen to you and to learn.

The Twilight Hunter taught about nature today. As a team leader i could tell that the kids loved his lesson. He did very fun things with them like a scavenger hunt, and drawing pictures to keep the kids entertained. Ethan taught the kids about weather and seasons. All the kids were having so much fun with his lesson. Sierra taught animals to the kids. The kids in Kalsuin had lots of fun with this lesson. Madeline taught the kids about birds. She was very successful in having the kids learn the difference between birds. They all loved her teaching. Amy taught about colors. All of the kids loved her lesson because they got to paint.

Today was a very insightful day of teaching. I am loving every minute of this trip. I  am excited to teach English tomorrow. Its weird that it will be our 3rd day teaching. We only have 3 days of teaching left which makes me sad. I am all ready so in love with these kids. Today at the ashram, i fell in love with Abisheck ( Abu ). Since Doctor Spence came to our school today to to exams, alot of the kids would come out crying if they had a scary exam. Abu was being so sweet. He would take me to all of his sad friends so that i could give them candy. It was the sweetest thing i have ever seen. I cant wait to go back to school tomorrow. I wish i could stay here and go to school longer. Just thinking about leaving makes me want to cry. India is so amazing. The people are so nice, even though hardly anyone can speak good english.

We went shopping in downtown chamba today. Me and most of the boys bought vests, but the black diamond just bought some food. Tomorrow is gonna be a sensational day.

Jesse Cowden