Cody Ahn

Okay so I’m not sure really what to write because I haven’t seen the previous blog posts so if I repeat anything I’m sorry, it’s just to interesting to blog about the same things ;)

Alright so today we had a cultural exchange and went to different schools. Lets just say the guys dance was a hair better then the last time we did it at the parent meeting. The Girls were again able to impress us with their amazing dance, and the group dance + songs were amazing. I’m not if my parents are reading this cuz I didn’t tell them about it, and if they aren’t reading it no-one else probably will, to be honest I would only read my kids posts :P But for those who are reading this India is insane in both good and bad ways. Good… Very cultural, I love the different foods and people I see. Bad… Creepers are everywhere asking for pictures, to follow them in dark allies (I’m kidding), and one tried selling us drugs. No we didn’t take it we are smart.

The End.

Oh and if my family is reading this I’M FINE! I’m glad I’m here I’ll keep everything else a surprise and tell you when I get home.

Love, Your Son/Friend

Cody Ahn

P.S. Lorins Mom if you happen to be reading this Lorin is doing well and loves you and is keeping out of trouble… I’m watching his back for ya ;)