Cliff Jumping -Rachel Judd

I don't even know where to begin. We are in an entirely different world here. The only way I can explain how it's been is by relating it to how cliff jumping feels. I remember last year Adam Williams described his experience in a similar way and I have to do the same because there is no better way to describe it. You know that feeling you get before you jump where your stomach feels like it's in a washing machine getting pulled in every different direction but there is just this overbearing feeling of excitement and anxiousness that finally gets you to launch yourself off the edge. Then you hit the water and kind of freak out for a second because the water is so cold that you begin to second guess the whole decision in the first place because you just got way more than you bargained for. But once your body quickly adjusts, you want to do the entire thing all over again. That's basically how every day goes here and I love it. Today was unreal. I held baby goats smaller than puppies, rode in a canoe through the mossy swamps of my village, had my arms covered completely in sharpie with Bengali names and henna designs by little girls, I saw a chicken get its head chopped off (almost threw up) during our GNO in the town, bought a saree, ate curry for dinner on top of a roof, had to eat so many unripe guava, and fell in love with kids I hadn't even known for ten minutes. I think that's been the thing that has really changed my perspective the most. That I've found out that I am capable of loving people I don't know and that they love me much that they give everything they have and they're the happiest people I've ever met. That was my biggest fear about coming here, that I wouldn't bond with the kids or that it would be impossible to relate because we're so different but I was dead wrong. We're the same. You just see their perfect big eyes and and huge genuine smiles as they reach their dainty little hands toward you just to hold your hand or kiss your cheek or reach inside the car to say goodbye as you're driving away or put flowers in your hair or a sticker on your forehead and your heart just rips apart and makes you tear up and grows five sizes and there's no way you can stop it. And there's nothing you can do. You just fall in love on impact. I love the kids. I love India. And I love and miss my friends and family so much!!