Christian Hartman


What a blazing hot city for the last day of November. Beside this infernal heat, this city is my kind of town.  Big City.  Things actually Happening. So different from the hum drum (relatively speaking) of Chamba. I’ve found that I have an intense internal struggle between my love of travelling and my love for the kids I have come to miss.  I think that the drive up from Chamba was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.  Beautiful, misty trees skylined by the sheer cliff faces of the Himalayas.  I wish I could have spent two weeks just taking pictures up there.

It’s been fun here in Agra so far, at least as far as hotel life can treat you. Don’t worry Mom, if you are reading this, I got you some thoughtful and simply dang sweet gifts, as well as some for everyone else.  I’m excited for the Taj Mahal, it has always been on my bucket list to see.  See you in three days.

-Christian Hartman