Chelsie-“Cala malengy?”

There is really no way to explain what has occurred these past few days. We can tell you all about it, but in all actuality you will know nothing of what we have felt and been through. We came to love these kids so much and they truly loved us back. On the last day at our schools, I was hurting but I was able to appear fairly composed then (this was in the morning) two little girls came up to me and asked “Cala malengy?” (which means see you tomorrow?) and (if I remember correctly)I said no and they seemed concerned and asked again and this time with tears filling my eyes shook my head no. Then at the end of the day as we were finishing passing out the different gifts and supplies I noticed a girl crying and I thought why is she crying? So I got her a bracelet. Then I noticed a boy around 10 or 11 behind her and he was crying also; I asked what is wrong and then suddenly it hit me they were crying that we were leaving. Even though we were going to the Ashram with them after school, they were already worried and sad enough to cry. So I took that sweet boy and held him in a hug as he cried for a little while. To see again, that the deep love that I had for them, was mutual was an amazing gift given by his tears. I love these kids so much and want the world for them. They are so incredibly smart and the fact that they wont have all of the opportunities as me is painful to think about. Doing this gave me the chance to be grateful for and use the resources that I have and I am so super grateful that I was blessed to be able to have them become a part of my life I am forever changed.