Checking In - Janessa Bond

Hey yall, just checkin in so my friends and family know I’m alive and well. The past week in India has been more than an adventure. I’ve experienced things I didn’t know even existed and things I would never feel comfortable with… but hey, when in Rome.  I got married, ate mysterious food, blacked out a few times, freaking out in Indiana Jones cars, saw a goat give birth, and gone to the bathroom in some very sketchy bathrooms and squatters. Everything here is beautiful and wonderful. I love all of the kids and people here. There is this little boy here that is seriously the Indian version of my little brother Jaden named Avas. And I absolutely love him. Dear family, can I please please bring him home.

Family/Jacob: I miss and love you guys so so so much! I got you all some way cool stuff. You guys and my warm bed are the only reasons I’m coming home. So feel special!! (: i would greatly appreciate some of my favorite foods when I come home…. Curray and mystery meat is getting a little old!! Much love!!!