Celebrity Fame

Well I have finally had a little taste of the celebrity fame. Everywhere our group goes people stare at us as if we are aliens. I have never had so many people be intrigued by my dirty clothes and greasy hair. Although I get some interesting looks, the people and kids here are amazing. I have never felt so much love for kids I have only known for two days. They are brilliant in so many ways and although this may sound cliché, I feel I have already learned more from them than they will ever learn from me.

Working in the schools and orphanages has been a very eye opening experience. The school I work in is a tiny room filled with about forty kids. There is a short ceiling, dirty floors and spiders everywhere (ha my luck). Outside is a small front area where we teach the lessons, play games and eat lunch. Cows and sheep also live in this front area of the school…. It is a little unappetizing eating here while cows and sheep are wandering about. Although there is much chaos, none of this has seemed to bother me because of the relationships I have been building with my school kids and group members.

Akshay is an amazing little boy with a brilliant mind. He is the smartest in the school and has a smile that could warm anyone’s heart. Every morning Akshay leads the school kids in their prayer and exercises. On the second day of working in the school, Akshay became one of my forever-best friends. He was my helper during the lessons and always seemed to understand what I was saying even when my language was foreign to him. Although we don’t completely speak the same languages and live completely different lifestyles, we are able to connect and really get along. He is such an example to me through his polite and delightful attitudes.

I have been very humbled through my experience in India so far. Although there is a constant smell of burning garbage and human waste, curry for every meal, and cockroaches in my toilet I have loved every minute of this moment in my life. I have taken a lot of things in my life for granted and I am happy to have a wake up call for how good life is in America. I am so happy to have this opportunity and I am so grateful for the support I have had from my family and friends. I love you all so much and I am excited to see you all when I get home!

P.s. I would really appreciate a Rio Grande bean and cheese burrito with beans on the side when I get home....Cough Cough J

Andrea Webber