Casey Ashcraft

This has been one of the HARDEST days of my entire life! Saying goodbye to my little kids... was one of the scariest and saddest things that I have ever done. It came so fast and I don’t think I could have ever been ready for this day. I’m going to miss so much the way that they fight over who gets to hold my hand and how they hang on me. I’m scared too... I just wish I could be here to watch them grow up and see how their lives end up. I feel so helpless right now and I can only hope that everything I have done has been enough. We gave all the kids their stuff and then they just started to trickle out... I’m kind of in denial right now and I can’t believe that I won’t ever see them again.  They all left and Tabu was more adorable and charming than I have ever seen here. I was telling all the girls that I loved them and kissing their hair for the last time. I told Pooja that I love her and she said it back, it about broke my heart.  Then to top it all, when all the kids were gone three of my girlies, Sunita, Monika, and Chamuna came back to say good bye. My little sweetheart and tag along Sunita would not let go of my arm and they all walked me back to the car and on the way they were telling me “Come home with me SISTER” in English. Begging me... It was so hard to let go. But I just have to keep telling myself not to cry that it’s over, smile that it happened. I love my kids! I will never ever ever forget them and  everything they have taught me. Casey out!