Casey Ashcraft

There is no way to describe how beautiful these Himalayas are- so green and breathtaking. But as hard as it is to describe their beauty, it is so much harder to explain the kids. These sweet Indian kids are stealing my heart! There’s little Tabu and Pappu with their big brown eyes and every time they turn and look at me I know they trust me more than anyone ever has and they are so innocent and full of love! And Naveen and Dahni who are smarter than I ever was when I was 11 years old and can memorize English so fast. And the girls Chunama, Monika, Durga, Sunita and Pooja who giggle everytime I say their names wrong and dragged me outside to play Duck Duck Goose in the middle of a lesson. Then all the sweet 8-year old boys like Dleshwar and Tushar who made me laugh more than I think I ever have when they tackled Jeff on top of KC in a huge dog pile. They are letting me live all of my dreams and I never want to leave them! I wish that I could do so much more and I’m just praying that something I am doing will change their lives and let them live their dreams of becoming “a doctor”, “a milkman”, “a pilot”, “a nurse”, or “a driver”. I love INDIA!