Can't Believe it's Almost Over - Rachel Rawlings

I really can’t believe that our time here with the girls is almost over. Tomorrow is our last day with them, and I am dreading saying goodbye so much.  I already got a taste of it with saying goodbye to Poonam and Lata, the two girls from Kullu.  For our last night with them, they helped us paint a new school building. We gave them some of our t-shirts to wear, and we had a big paint fight and dance party while we painted.  I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun in my entire life as I did that last night just laughing and dancing with the two greatest girls in the entire world! 

There is a girl here named Monika who I am in love with.  She has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.  I have enjoyed so much spending time with her.  She is so active, and she always loves running around and playing soccer.  Monika has a friend named Soni, and this little one has the most adorable smile ever.  I love watching them interact and just have so much fun.
I am so grateful for the amazing experience I’ve had in India these past couple of weeks. I’m pretty sure this YMAD team is the best there has ever been.  I’ve loved working with every single one of the people here, and I love them so much! I hope you are all having fun back in America.

Rachel Rawlings