Calcutta is fun.

Alex told you how we got here. Now let me tell you little about what we’re doing in West Bangle. We’re about a 40 minute car ride out side of Calcutta. We are working with a great NGO called Nishtha. They have a lot of projects going on all the time in villages all over. Mimi and Manami are two people here that we love they take us everywhere and show us their projects. In this area of India there is a disgusting hatred for women. So Nishtha only works with women. It’s good because they need it. If a family is poor, they have a boy and girl. They’ll only put the boy in school. And if that girl doesn’t work or contribute to the family they will most likely get sold in girl trafficking. They don’t look at the female as if they’re worth anything. Sometimes they don’t feed them or just straight up beat them. Nishtha as gone around and found girls like this. They have 21 schools in 20 different villages. The 21st school is the Day Boarding School aka the DBS. That’s where Alex and I spend most of are time. We get there at about 11:00am. We teach About 90 girls everyday, teaching English of course. After teaching we always have an ultimate happy fun play sesh. until they go at 4:30pm. Alex and I have also been to other village schools, and been take out to see other projects of Nishtha. The things we’ve seen… We’ve been face to face with girls that have been sold in girl trafficking but luckily saved be Nishtha. It’s a whole different world here. My sadness level is at 9.0 out of 10.0. haven’t been this sad since I watch “500 days of summer” darn you summer.

Oh and once we were at a meeting in a village and we got coconuts to drink. Cool huh?