Caitlin Beach

Today is our last day in Chamba. First I have to say how beautiful this place is. It is funny because one moment you are caught up in the surroundings and how peaceful and beautiful the scenery is, and the next you are trying to side step all the garbage everywhere. It really is hard to describe how it is here, its so different from the states. Here people will swerve to avoid cows, but honk and almost run over little kids walking by the road. The kids in my school are great, every morning we are greeted by them waiting in two lines. They are so well behaved, until we start playing this slapping game. Dad It is like the tie trick, only you slap the side of their face. And no, I did not teach them this, although everyone in our group thinks I did. My favorite thing is just playing with the kids. They love to learn new games, and love to teach me Indian games. My favorite so far has got to be Co-Co. Even though I’m still not all the way sure how to play the game right, I still just run and laugh when they laugh at me at playing wrong. The game involves crouching down in a line and trying to catch the person in front of you. This explains why my legs are so sore. I use them a lot. Between crouching to pee, playing Co-Co, endless games of Duck Duck Goose, and all the hills and stairs used to get to people’s homes they are right worn out. I don’t know how the people here do it. I defiantly have a greater respect for the people and not to take advantage of driving everywhere

Very much Love!