By Hook or By Crook We Arrived in India! by Katelyn Jones

Well. It happened. By hook or by crook we arrived in India. “Incredible India” that is what all the signs say, and they’re not kidding! We had been flying for over 30 hours and even though I had a pounding headache, swollen ankles, no voice, congestion (and those are just the ones I knew about) I couldn’t stop smiling when we landed in Kallu.  We piled into tiny cars and our white caravan paraded through the precarious streets. The streets could barley fit one car and if I reached my hand out the window I could have touched the walls of the shacks lining the streets but cars squished past each other. They were VERY comfortable using their horn. And it was whoever had the loudest horn won. The best way to describe the scenery is that it looks like Provo Canyon, except the mountains are bigger, the smells are different, there are different trees, there are huts with families living in them on the side of the road, and…it’s on the other side of the world. After about an hour and a half car ride we pulled up to our “house”.  We spilled into a tarp covered pavilion and they welcomed us with apple juice and “welcoming hats” it was the most humble gesture I’ve probably ever received. We also had the most amazing meals ever! To sum up: we made it, in one piece, and I am so ready for the next adventure! And excited to see what the week will bring! Katelyn Jones