Brynn Omana

Brynn photo This experience has been so amazing. We have been teaching the mountain girls for the past few days and they are so eager to learn. During every workshop, they are listening and trying their very best to memorize all the English words, to make sentences, and to insure they understand the meaning.  These girls sacrificed a lot to be here. They traveled hours on a bus, getting carsick and leaving their families. Some of them have never left their home town or been on a bus, and there are also some girls who have to walk so, so far to get to school. To see them here now, so excited to learn, really opens up your eyes to how blessed we are to have the education programs and schools we have. I am so guilty of hating school and not appreciating it, but after being here and seeing these amazing girls working and studying so hard, I have a greater appreciation for school, and want to do better and work harder.  I feel like I have so much to say, and I wish there was a way to express the emotions I’m feeling, but you just have to know these girls we are teaching and you would know. They are absolutely amazing, and I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. It has truly changed my life.