Brynn Omana

Brynn photo I can’t believe I’m in India. What an experience! This has already been a crazy journey. Today we were able to go to the private school and teach there. Those kids are the cutest things, in their little uniforms… oh my gosh so adorable! All the kids were so excited to learn, and be in school.  A lot of them knew English pretty well already so it was fun to be able to communicate with them more. Me and Justin did our sports and music workshop with the kids which was super fun! At first I was a little worried because it was SO hot and the kids don’t do very well in the sun, and there wasn’t much shade but it turned out great! We started with the big parachute and the kids loved it! It kind of made me nervous though when they would run underneath and switch places cause it was a big concrete square and then just a cliff right behind us, but no one ran off so that’s good! These kids are so precious, they are so happy with what they have and are a great example to me. This has been such a humbling experience and I am so grateful for how blessed I am. It just shows all you really need is to be surrounded by the people you love to be happy. I will forever love these kids and am so grateful for this amazing life changing experience, and all the people I get to share it with.