Brooke Lange - Beautiful Human Beings

  Spontaneous dance parties are breaking out all over! Whether it’s at the school with our kids, at the ashram while we’re painting with the boys or after the longest day ever on the treacherous ride home, nothing slows us down and nothing gets in the way of a party! These kids have some serious Bollywood moves! And be prepared to listen to some Indian jams when they get home...they are digging it! You can thank Vinayak our translator.


Being the last full day in our school, we played extra hard, laughed super loud and loved the stuffing out of our kids. We timed our day to allow for fingernail painting and bracelet making. Lets just manicure ever when it’s delivered by the school kids with no regard to a cuticle or the amount of polish needed. A rainbow of colors and mixtures were represented. The bracelets were less messy but still fun and I will wear them until they drop off. To end the day, we passed out the hygiene kits and reminded the kids how to use all the goods. Then we had to watch as our kids left the school and headed up the hill...most of them walk backwards so they can wave longer, and say goodbye with more gusto...reminding us to come again tomorrow. The impact your teens have had on these small children is remarkable. It is not uncommon to see 2 or 3 kids hanging on the backs of the YMAD teens or piling onto laps or photo bombing every picture possible. They are the masters of photo bombing! In short, your teens have thrown everything into this experience and have come out more beautiful human beings. I am so proud of every one of them.


Dylan-He is the funny one of the group....the subtle kind of funny. He gets things done. Always willing to carry a heavy bag and always has the energy the kids need when it’s time to play.


Kristen-She is incredibly consistent, always prepared and thinks ahead to what we might need for the day. Never met anyone more hearty...she is willing to do anything necessary for the good of the group.


Jamison-He’s not afraid to be a goof. He can break dance in the dirt like nobody’s business. Creative with his lessons, he makes everything fun for the kids.


Sarah S-Wicked funny. There isn’t anyone she doesn’t get along with...including our kids, the ashram boys, our YMAD team and she has a special place in her heart for Vinayak our translator. They are cut from the same sassy mold.


Sandon-Such a tender heart. He connects with the kids immediately, especially our ashram boys. He would give the shirt off his back, or the shoes off his feet (which he did) if he saw the need. Never have to ask him twice for help.


Angela-Her smile radiates and the kids are drawn to her. Her kindness extends to every child in our school. I see her watching to make sure no one is left out. She is leaving many “sisters” in India. IMG_2592 (3 of 3)