Brittani Day

Welcome to the Himalayas! This place is incredible. It is so beautiful, something you would only see in a storybook. Today we got to go on a hike to the Jibhi waterfall. It seriously felt like we were walking through the set on the jungle book. Huge trees, rickety bridges and moss covered rocks, and then at the end the beautiful waterfall. So we obviously had to run through it, obviously. It was freezing and so much fun.

But the best part of this place is the girls we get to teach and play with. They are so sweet and so smart. I taught my colors and shapes lesson today and it went really well. They loved making bracelets. I got to play baseball during sports and games. Yay! We counted every hit as a homerun so it was a really good time. Then I jumped rope and blew bubbles with Taniya she has stolen my heart. She has the cutest laugh, I love when she calls me Brinee.

I don’t know what else to say but I’m doing really good and loving it!