Brett Palmer - Pure Awesome!!

The YMAD youth in this expedition are AWESOME! Pure awesome! I lucked out in being their adult leader and I love them! They are so giving, loving, funny, happy, cooperative, creative, and the list goes on. Parents, I wish you could see your sons and daughters in action right now. I have seen them grow over the year, but now they have gone into hyperspeed with their growth. It is just so uplifting and amazing to see their good hearts, character and leadership in action here in India. There is a transforming and beautiful exchange that happens here. You really need to see it to truly appreciate it. The YMAD youth’s teaching to the children in the villages surrounding Chamba is effective, but what is truly inspiring is the light and love they are delivering to these small schools and orphanages! These little run-down, shanty, dirty schools and orphanages and the children there are transformed by the light and love that YMAD youth deliver. In exchange, the Indian children’s appreciation and love are transforming your sons and daughters! They are youth that are definitely making a difference and in the process they are becoming different. It is said, and I believe, that God is Love and Light. That love and light is shining bright in this rural mountainous section of India and people are changing.  

Now for a few details that some of you State-side folks might like to hear. My team (Katie, Michael, Suzanna, Bennie, McKinnley, Samantha, and Chandler) are teaching at a school fairly deep in the mountains that has about 23 students from Kindergarten to fifth grade. YMAD has never visited this school before. We have an incredible view from where we teach the children out over a large valley to several ranges of mountains. In the afternoons at about 3:00 we visit an orphanage of 18 boys ranging in age from 7 to 14 whose parents have been killed in different terrorist attacks. This is the first time YMAD has visited this orphanage as well. Your kids (the YMAD youth) are healthy and doing well. It’s a no-brainer of a conclusion to make when you often hear things like “This is the best day of my life.” Thanks Bairds, Gretta and others! Thanks parents for trusting your youth to our care. We are loving it!!!!

Brett Palmer