Breath taking India…. and such!

Well my oh my! Where do I even start? Let me just say #curryfordayz! its aight though. I have been really wanting to lose three pounds and this curry is helping me reach my ultimate goal of weighing 97 lbs! My goal is really like the little train that could… I think I can I think I can! Wooooooahhhhh! let me just stop myself there. If there is anything I have learned in the last week its that I need to be thinking "I know I can I know I can" Shout out to dan babe and his inspirational thoughts for changing my thought process. Man do I love Dan Babe. He really is the babest of ALL babes. But I digress. Can I just express my love for both of my roommates. Last night there was a bitterly frighting thunder storm. I was SO scared! I mean I was just a shaking in my hula girl boxers! But my ferociously fearless roommates saved the day yet again. I'm tearing up just thinking about them. They cleaned up my puddle of urine on the floor and wiped my tears. Then they tucked me in snug and tight. I then ca-noodled up next to Jordan. I just love being little spoon! Yep fellow bloggathonians, I just love india… and glitter. But you can reference my earlier blog for that story! Alright, I'm pooped! Ima head to bed. Rain is forecast again tonight. Chan-a-giglemyster is signing off! Chandler Paulsen (& friends ;)