Brayden Forbes: Love

I am in love with these girls all over again.  The last four days have been incredible.  I feel like my time in Chamba last year was an episode of my life that was put on pause, and is finally beginning to continue.  The girls have grown a lot, physically and mentally.   Their English, and their confidence as a whole, improves every day we spend with them. Yesterday and today I’ve felt a little under the weather, so it’s been difficult to focus all my attention on the girls.  As I sat trying to help one of the girls navigate a computer today, I was beginning to feel sicker, and even more discouraged.  As I sat contemplating why I have to be ill at such an inopportune time, I realized that I don’t have control over everything.  I can only roll with the punches and learn to be patient.  While I may not be able to teach these orphans at full health, I can still show them the one thing all people desire—love. When all is said and done, there is nothing greater we can show to others than love.  Because of these girls, I’m learning what it means to love and, even more so, what it is to be loved.  They make us feel special every minute we are with them.