Blogtastic Blog of Awesomeness

Whoa! Sorry Nick and I haven’t been blogging. The Internet broke in India. But we finally got it fixed and now we’re good to go. There is so much to blog about. Good thing Nick and I love to blog. That’s all we’ve been talking about, “when are we going to get the Internet so we can blog!?!” The first night we got to the Home for Peace all the girls were very shy of the two tall lanky Americans, but they quickly warmed up to us. They are freaking adorable and so much fun to be with. Some of them are also very sassy and usually just make fun of us. They giggle in Hindi so we can’t understand what they are saying, but Nick and I talk with the little Spanish we know to counter their Hindi. But when we teach English it’s a “No Hindi Zone”. So if we hear a word of Hindi we make the girls do a lap around the house. We also have been teaching in the elementary school and The High School. The first couple of days of teaching were a little bit rough, but we have definitely gotten better and we can tell the kids love it when we come. In the elementary school all the kids sit on dirty cold cement floors and it was Reshma’s idea (The previous intern) to supply the school with desks. Yesterday a truck packed with desks came to the school and we unloaded it. I don’t think I have ever been excited to see a school desk before, but all the kids were stoked! They were all running outside of their classes screaming and jumping. A group of 5th graders also came out and started to help us unload. We finally unloaded all the desks into the courtyard and all the kids were giving them a test run. Several of the teachers came up to me and thanked me for the desks. Sorry Reshma and Rob. I stole your thank you’s. But everyone at the school was very thankful and it’s a memory that I will remember for a long time.