Blogging In India

KP Geroge

Ok here's what you should know about blogging in india:

1. Nothing that can be said or written would do any justice to what is actually being expirenced in this amazing and beautiful place, the people culture and places we live and see each day are quite simply UNDESCRIBABLE!

2. Time is of the essence. It only takes 5-10 to write a Blog, but in India in the mist of the hymalayan country side 5-10 min is all the time you need to have a LIFE-alterering moment. It is the time it takes to walk throught the ashram and be greeted by the young eager children running to your side. It is the time it takes to witness life in it purest and simplest form. It is the time it takes to look around at the beauty around us and just let in soak in!

3. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Or so they say, as they always ask for us to include them in these "blogs". However i can asure u that the view through a lens is only a glimps at the wonderful life that is constantly in motion around us. The culture is differnt in the most amazing ways and i can only hope that we capture every moment to its fullest potential!

In short I don't really know what to say about this expidition other than it has already proved to be the single most rewarding descision i have ever made and in one short week i have fallin in love like i never knew i could, to the people of India, the YMAD kids, (inparticular team friction, love you guys.. "team friction asemble!!!...zzzzzzzzz "), and my fellow leaders who are all SO amazing and have been the best support and the best of friends!