Bliss (Jesse Cowdin)


Its hard to describe life in India. It’s a much harder life, yet it is all so simple. Everyone here is happy. They all have so little, yet they are happier than we are as Americans. While being here I have noticed that the people here are the same as they are in Utah. I don’t know what expectations I had, but I didn’t think they would be the same. I have come to learn that no matter where you go, people are the same everywhere. Even though we all come from different cultures and have different traditions, everything is the same no matter where you are. Every one goes to school every day, everyone eats every day, even though some may have more meals than others. It doesn’t matter where you are or how you grow up. It all works out in the end. All you have to do is make the most out of what you are given.

I love being in India. I love having such a simple life. So far each day of the week we have woken up, gone to school, gone to the Ashram, and then come home. I think it is amazing how rewarding the work here is. Each day of the week I have come home exhausted. Compared to school at home, it is so much more tiring here. We are with the kids for about 10 hours each day. As tired as I am every day, it is so rewarding every day. I love every minute here. Each night I think about how happy I am here. Its amazing to me.

This weekend we got to have lots of fun. Saturday morning we went to a high school to have a cultural exchange. It was lots of fun. They treated us all like royalty. We performed all of our songs and dances. All of the kids loved it. It was so cool. They performed songs and dance for us which was very cool. For dinner we went to a restaraunt with some local government leaders. It was really cool to get to meet them. They were all very interestested in what we were doing and what our lives were like.

Today we went to 2 churches. Raj, the YMAD program director, took us to a Hindu temple at about 10:00 AM. We all got to see the priest. Then we got to walk around and look at all of the gods. It was really cool. We then walked to the only Christian church in Chamba. That was really cool. We went and sat in on their meeting for about 15 minutes. They were singing really fun songs, but it was all in Hindi so we couldn’t understand it. It was stil really cool though. Besides just showing us around town, Raj had done so much for us to be here and to be in the schools. He is one of the sickest dudes ever.

When we got home, we had a gratitude meeting. We all got to go around and say what we are thankful for. It was really cool. Of coarse every one was so thankful for everything that Allison does for us. She truly is amazing. I couldn’t be more grateful for everything she did, and is doing for us to be here on this expedition.  All of our leaders are so amazing. They all have done so much for us. It is unreal. I am so grateful for all of them.

Im so grateful to be here in Chamba. I have learned so much. There are so many mixed emotions that I have. It is all so great. I wish I had more time here. I cant wait to get back in the schools. Its sad that we only have 3 days left in the schools. I hope that I can teach these kids more than hey are teaching me. I feel like I have learned so much from them. I hope we are making a difference in there lives. They are so amazing. I cant describe how happy they are with there lives. They all only have 1 shirt, or 2 if they are lucky. I don’t know why we need so much stuff in America. I have learned that stuff doesn’t make you happy, but happiness depends on what you make of your life. No matter what life throws at you, you can always be happy.


Jesse Cowden