Blessed to be and American

I have never felt more blessed for being born in America. The people here have nothing. We go into the villages after we teach in the schools and the families try to give us all of their food. There huts are no bigger than one room. My bathroom is bigger than most of the huts we visited. The people bathe in garbage filled ponds with brown water and probably lots of diseases. I am so blessed.

I have never seen more homeless people, stray dogs and cats, and mud huts. When we arrived in Kolkata, it was 2 am and we drove through the city and it reminds you of an abandoned city from a movie. Everything is so diverse and unorganized. You will see a sky scraper with mud huts right next to it. If there is an earthquake in India, India will go down. I never realized how uncivilized a 3rd world country actually is.

The roads are crazy.  I got in a Tata (taxi) and tried to put my seat belt on and the driver said “no, no, seat belt”

I broke my camera. I lost my neck pillow. But it’s okay I don’t need them. LOVE you Mom, Dad, and Family.

Daniel Reese