Bekki Brau

The past few days have been so busy but super great too. I’m not sure how much I like the cities, they are gross. Garbage is everywhere, and the smell is just disgusting. But I love the shopping :) So some of my favorite things have happend since I last wrote. I think it was on sat we had an Easter devotional, WOW. That’s all I’ll say in my blog, but I’ll tell ya’ll at home. Then I’m not sure what day it was but we hiked to the top of one of the mountains. I felt so close to the sky. It felt like I was on top of the world..literally. The next day I think it was we said bye to the kids. It was really sad, but I’m not too worried about it  becasue they have such great potentials. I want to come back someday and see how everything has turned out. The next day, Tuesday, we left the mountains and took a 2 hour drive to Kullu. We checked into a really nice hotel, and I got super excited to actually get a hot shower. We just got to drop our bags off then we had to leave to the blind school. The blind school was the most incredible place. It was super small, but the feeling that was there was huge, I’m sure everyone felt it. We had the headmistress explain to us how they help the blind kids learn, and then we got to go around and introduce ourselves and talk to the kids. Everytime I would touch their arm, they would get instant smiles. I talked to all the kids and asked their names and ages and things they like to do. Their English was better than most people’s I’ve heard here. They had really good manners and spoke clearly. After talking to them we sang our songs, then we had one of the students grab the guitar and sing us some songs. Overall, that was my favorite hour of the trip. All those kis.ds had almost nothing, much less than any of the other people because they can’t even see, but they were the happy. I have changed so much this trip after seeing how people can have nothing, but be happier than the richest people in the world. Happiness isn’t whats happening on the outside of you, but what is on the inside. Since the school, our trip has been going really fast. We got in a lot of shopping and even more today...ohh yess. The amount of time I have spent on a bus has been kind of rough, especially thinking how much more I have and the flight home. But I’m just happy we made it out of Kullu, It snowed as soon as we left. The Taj was great, other than all the creepy men taking pictures. I’m excited to come home! It’s been an amazing lifechanging trip but I’m ready for some spinach lasagna and a big salad!!! :) I love everyone and can’t wait to tell you all about