Bekki Brau

I haven’t blogged yet simply because I couldn’t think of the words to describe the world I am in. The scenery itself is breathtaking. I am surrounded by beautiful forests and mountains that seem to scrape the sky. Amid the steep mountain terrain winds a enormous river that branches off into a thousand different streams and waterfalls. Similarly lie the houses of the villagers, spread amongst the jagged cliffs and the winding paths at random. The houses are simple and run down, but retain the warmest feelings of home. The dense foliage houses the most unique assortment of animals. Already there has been sightings of monkeys and spiders the size of my fist. The only thing that surpasses the beauty of the landscape is that of the people. The people in some cases live in the most depressing conditions imaginable, yet, they are some the most friendly and the strongest people I have ever known. Instead of giving way to the insurmountable challenges they face each and every day they keep going and struggling in a caste system that is determined to keep them in poverty. The children play and laugh like the children back home even though they barely have any clothes or almost any of the basic things we take for granted every day. I wish I had more time to write more but I have to go now. I miss you Mom, Dad, Lauren, Jacob, and Andrew. I miss my friends back at home but I’m also making some great new friends. I miss a lot of things but I know i’m in the right place and I can’t turn back. Good morning everyone!! Talking to you guys was really amazingly miss you so much. I’m glad everything is going good for you though. out. Boys have cooties. Just sayin. So today we get to walk around and see all of the different ashrams. I’m so excited..especially considering how everyone brags about their kids being the best. I just love all of them in general so im pumped. We also get to go to a Hindu temple, its going to be so interesting!!! So that will be today, then we basically just get around to traveling. I’m trying to think of any funny stories to tell about what has happend. There’s kind of too many, since we’re so tired and have jet lag everything is hilarious. Just thinking I only have one more week to enjoy all of this beauty here halfway accross the world. It still seems like a dream. I’m one little girl surrounded by huuuggee mountains and billions of people. Crazy how big this world is. I’m learning so much and can’t wait to see everybody again and tell you about it. I love you guys Smile and have some fun for me ok?