Be prepared to be surprised. (Lizzie Egan)

After a very positive and fun first day of teaching the excitement for today’s teaching was off the charts.  I woke up ready and prepared for today. We headed off on the beautiful drive through the Himalayas, just like the day before.  I felt like I had already done it a million times.  The mountains are INCREDIBLE.  The sometimes look like Utah’s……except they have little buildings all the way up to the top.  We reached the bridge (which is sketchy to say the least) and walked to the school.  My heart melted as we entered the gate to 51 beautiful smiling kids who greeted us with the utmost respect.

Today I was to teach action words. My first group was 4th graders.  The lesson could not have gone better.  Then third grade, almost as smooth but a little bit harder.  After that…..2nd grade.  I never thought I could be so frustrated with the cutest kids I had ever seen.  It was hard enough to punish them, but they couldn’t even understand you, so when you tried they would just get crazier.  1st was next, and although the whole school has very little English, this group of 5 and 6 year olds know nothing.  I mean nothing.  It was very challenging to get them to even repeat what I said and at moments I felt as though I was not even helping.  Last was 5th grade.  The beginning was smooth as the kids started to understand the words such as “jump” and “run” but then it was hard to get them to stop! As the last rotation came to a close and we gathered to play a final game together, I walked out of my classroom and I even felt some anger with our kids. What I had prepared for went nothing like it was supposed to and I felt as though I had failed. But two seconds later three beautiful little girls ran up to me as smiley as ever and pulled me into the circle and said “spin.”  My heart burst.  Even though it seemed as though nothing had been accomplished, those little girls learned how to spin.  After leaving the school we headed to out all boys ashram.  The second we walked in I saw my special little buddy Shaunker,  He is the happiest spirit I’ve ever met.  He’s goofy, funny, and loves to just cling to you.  He loves to talk to us even though we have absolutely no idea what he is saying.

I’m amazed more an more every day by the talent and joy of these sweet kids.  I’m so blessed to be here with this amazing team who I’ve seen in action.  They are all incredible.  I love Roshni, I love our kids, and I love India.  Namaste.