Danielle Emery Yes, I did just do a hashtag and chances are…. I will regret it later… but for all of you wondering whose bag never got on the plane in Salt Lake, you guessed it…mine, along with 35 others, so that was pretty dope. But if you’re now wondering whose bags got stuck in customs once they finally arrived to India, I’ll give you a clue, starts with D and ends with anielle. But hey, who needs clean clothes anyway? They are definitely overrated. Well on that note, India is absolutely INCREDIBLE! I have loved every second of it. No matter where you look, the view is breath taking. The Himalayas are easily the most beautiful place in the world. Sorry mom, but chances of me coming home aren’t lookin so hot.

The kids here are amazing, not to mention absolutely beautiful. They are all so happy with so little. I’ve met them once and they have already impacted my life so much. It’s only day 2 in India and its already the greatest adventure of my life. I’m beyond grateful to be here.

Shout-out to all you homies back home that helped me get here. LOVE YOU!!