Attached – Rachel Judd

Yesterday we took all the Day Boarding School girls to an amusement park. When we got there, frantically searched through all of the girls looking for my favorite, Rahki. She hadn’t been at school the day before and so I was anxious to see her. I asked one of her friends where she was and from what she could communicate back to me, she explained that she wouldn’t be coming anymore. I didn’t know if that was true or if I had just understood wrong but my soul just felt like it had been crushed like a soda can. I hadn’t even realized until then how attached I’d grown to her. I looked around for Michelle and ran into her arms crying. After stories I had heard about children in India being taken away, I couldn’t help but imagine the worst scenarios. They all spun through my head. It made me ache all over not knowing where she was. Through the translators, we asked why she hadn’t been coming and still, nobody knew. This morning when I dropped my backpack off in the prayer room before going to work in the garden, I saw Rahki from the balcony. My stomach felt like it had been ripped out from inside me and I could hardly breathe. I don’t think I had ever been so happy to see somebody in my whole life. No feeling can compare to how happy I was to see her. I tried to play it cool so that I wouldn’t freak her out but I couldn’t hold my excitement back. We made eye contact and ran to each other. We embraced in the biggest hug and I never wanted to let go of her. I’m completely attached. I want to bring her home with me.