April First-Chaidee Woods

• Diarrhea Maria actually became Diarrhea Maria (True to her name)
• Ate an Indian ice cream cone – Tasted like chilled cool whip with the mega foam button pushed
• The Stupid Intern made some little children cry – and then didn’t know what to do with himself
• Got a sunburn upon a sunburn so my skin now radiates heat
• Watched Trevor dance around the market while Indian men told him “Very good, very good”
• Eliza (My Soul Mate) got her nose pierced
• It rained all day
• Libby got her backpack stolen
• We had to walk 3 km after we got a flat tire back to the NHPC
• I saw the prettiest view of the lake by Rajnagar – Super green and the reflection is so beautiful too.

Now comes the real test. Four out of ten of these are April fools. So your job is it decide which ones to believe.
Love, ChaiDee
P.S. I’m having a great time! I’ll be safe don’t worry. Love you all and have a great Easter!