Another Beautiful Day


 Another beautiful life changing day in Sahoo, India.  These lovely Indian children are so full of love and life.  I can't get enough of them.  I love how they greet us with smiles and excitement.  I love playing with them.  I love holding their hands.  I love it when they say "I love you."  I love it when you hug them good bye and they tug on you to come home with them.  I just love it all!!!!

I am so proud of my team, Nick, Hannah, Maddie, Anna, Todd, Meghan, Nick and Nandini.  They are so easy to work with and they are giving their all to those kids.  It's inspiring to watch.

We had a wonderful gratitude meeting last night.  We talked about being grateful for the Indian children,  our families. our group, the leaders, love and friendship, education and opportunities, those who donated so we could come, God, etc.  It seemed to bring us closer and I felt more united as a group.  Afterwards we read letters from home and made phone calls.   This made me shed some tears.  I love my family so much and I can't wait to come home and find our what hey have been doing while I've been away!!!!

Even though it's the second time I've been to India I still feel humbled and changed from this experience.  It's hard to put in words.  I think that you spend so much time planning, and preparing to come that it makes the experience so meaningful.  Thank you YMAD!