Anna Price

Wow things here are amazing! I am having so much fun doing everything. I love getting to know the school girls better and also the kids in YMAD. So much has happened and so I would am just going to talk about today. Today was fun because we got to take the girls from the boarding school to the science museum. Most of the girls have never been out of the city or even ridden a bus. So today we had three buses, 2 for the girls and 1 for us. Then for every 2 ymad kids, we each had 10 girls that we were in charge of for the day. We showed them all the display things (even though half of them were broken and so you would gather them around and say, “watch this” and then push the button and then realize that it did not work and so you just got their attention for no reason so you would just look kind of dumb) and then we saw the presentation they had there which was a big movie that they played on a huge dome. Since the girls had never seen a movie before they were amazed! Although it was in english so they didn’t understand it, they clapped after every scenery change and loved it! Then we had them go through a playground they had there and they loved playing on the swings and the teeter-totter. It was fun throughout the whole time, even just walking from place to place as they all fight to hold your hand. Everything else that has happened has been amazing and am excited to see be able to see all the girls again tomorrow. I miss everyone back home and love you all!