Andy America!

Who is Andy America? Well, he is a guy that works at the New Delhi Airport. He loves Americans and he loves YMAD. He is a great help to us when we arrive at the airport. I am friends with him on Facebook and he posted these pictures. They are not the greatest pictures, but they are pictures, none the less, right? 942213_179514498917841_1199994507_n 945468_179514585584499_1116274819_n 996063_179513738917917_265863292_n 1235000_179514418917849_2115269937_n 1402879_179513188917972_1271703908_o 1451602_179514848917806_912246764_n 1454851_179514782251146_2058097419_n 1459660_179514925584465_1426708206_n 1460249_179514992251125_1274815224_n 1460975_179515128917778_1727191072_n 1467471_179514918917799_1421478013_n 1469778_179514442251180_701082714_n 1470148_179514145584543_302369309_n 1470180_179515138917777_721071682_n Untitled