Andrew Rouse

Hmmm I seriously don’t know what to right about. As of right now not all that much has happened that people don’t already know. Just the usual customs and security. Right now we are on the flight to San Francisco. I think everyone here has the familiar butterflies in their stomachs. Everybody has been anticipating this moment for so long, it feels so surreal now. The great Nate Cantor gave me a great quote he just came up with. “Just as the imagination is limitless, so too are the possibilities of our expedition.”

It’s been a long nine months or so. We have already been through a lot together, and I can’t wait to share even more amazing experiences with such an awesome crew. To the last YMAD kids if your reading this I wish you were here too, I miss you guys a ton. To my parents thanks so much for supporting me throughout my two years with YMAD. There is no way I would be on this two day flight right now without all your hard work. Amanda and Adam you guys are the best brother and sister. Everybody that is reading this know that those two raised like three hundred dollars by selling bags, so if any of you see them give them a huge hug for me. To the Casbah Chromies and the GG’s, if any of you are reading this you are my boys. I can’t wait to chill with you guys when I get back, Everybody else in Salt Lake I love you guys and I can’t wait to see everyone. Much love.