and if you were to ask me how india was, id respond…..

okay, i am attempting this one thing called a blog. although i lack eloquence please bear with me, i promise to keep it short and snappy. holy india. words can't describe this experience. planes and busses and cars. 52 total hours of traveling- changes people… this type of traveling brings out a new side of our group: greasy hair, those who will hold your hair back when you throw up, and those who love you enough to give you food. overall: airplane food is a no go, roads are about 10 feet wide for cars on a two way road, and our living conditions are a lot better than i expected.

monday morning, i experienced one of the most humbling moments in my entire life. as we the green(dream) team walked down to our village five minutes north of jibhi, we saw 23 incredible kids in the middle of the school grounds anxiously awaiting for us. as we lined up, each kid came up to us and kissed our feet. at that moment a realization set in that these kids didn't know us but loved us right from the 'get go'. they are the least judgmental kids I've ever met. one day i hope to be half as good as them.

pria: i believe she is smarter than me and understands english better than i do. her constant companionship fills my heart with love. sanjana: she is the oldest and is very protective of her younger siblings. she loves to braid my hair and fix it so i can look 'pretty'. latesh: could easily be a the cutest kid I've ever seen. his smile is perfect.

there are many things that don't go as planned, but let me say, i have mastered the art of improvising.

life is good here. its so simple. i crave this happiness. i am beyond grateful for the everlasting love. these kids have touched my life in a way that i can't describe. although i don't really have a voice because i have lost it (i believe the airplane took it..), i vow to take advantage of every minute by using my voice to teach these precious children. well better get back to 'chilling with the homies…'. see YOU on the flip side. XOXOXOXO AND MUCH LOVE. ps donut worry about me.. I'm safe.

ruby parkin