An experience to never forget

Anju, Dolma, Kirna, Lata, Pooja, Poonam, and Sarojani. Over three months ago these names did not even ring a bell. Today they have become part of my life. As a twenty two year old college student, I did not expect to all of a sudden have seven awesome girls all at once come into my life. At times they can be challenging. They are seven very different girls, all with different talents, skills, backgrounds, and each facing their own challenges. Even though they may not have many materials things to give, these girls have a heart full of love to share.

As I turned 22 this past week, I was able to see this gift firsthand. As I woke up to the sounds of little girls preparing to go to school, hugging and telling me to have a happy birthday, I was by far very happy. Later that day, I was surprised even more. As It turns out the girls went out into the garden and did their best to make beautiful flower arrangements for my birthday. They did not have all the flowers in the world, nor professional arrangements but they did have much more. As our day was ending they all wanted to see me, they surprised me even more and presented me with drawings and flowers. This night was one that I will never forget….I was deeply touched.

As I reflected upon this experience I was able to realize that even though one may not have much to give. All that is needed is love. These girls shared something much deeper than just drawings and flowers, their desire to give led them to go out of their ways to make someone else’s day, An act of unselfish service. I was able to see and feel this love firsthand. For these last two months it has been an honor to be a part of their lives. Their love and friendship has impacted me in ways that I cannot even begin to comprehend. But one thing is for sure. Anju, Dolma, Kirna, Lata, Pooja, Poonam, Sarojani are not simply just names…they are symbols of love

Nefi Alarcon