An Everyday Blog

Can I just take a minute to tell you what awful cooking is like? Well, it’s Mother. She is an awful cook. I don’t understand why she thinks she NEEDS to cook, we already HAVE a cook, Maneesha who does a pretty good job at cooking, hence she is the cook. Mother made soup for the three of us (me, Maneesha and Birsingh, the groundsman) and I swear it tasted like cow spit (you live here long enough and you’ll know what that tastes like too)! The aroma wasn’t bad and the look of it was on the herbal side but the taste just made you want to jump in a frozen lake. The soup tasted like hot water (cow’s spit) and there was no taste or even love. Here’s what I don’t understand: if Mother cooks like this, so badly and water-y, why is she some massive walking Hungarian? She should be a stick figure, not an overbearing (I mean overbearing in all its definitions) COW!
Onto other, more important and tasteful matters. I skyped my mom today and guess who she saw? The girls! They were so excited to meet my mother and for once I allowed them to speak Hindi. They asked her what she was doing, where she lived and even told her she’s pretty (a compliment not to be taken lightly since these girls are picky with tossing out a “pretty”). I loved watching the girls interact with my mom, I think it was good for them too. Some of these girls have had such a hard parenting experience that showing them the components of a strong family helps them realize that not all the world is bad.
Other than that the girls are doing great. I have been trying to ask them whether or not they want to go visit their families for the winter break and not one of them really cares to go home. It’s a compliment in a way that they enjoy life here so much and feel so safe and secure but…it’s also upsetting to think they would prefer anything over their family and homes.
Oh, and I started teaching the older girls computer skills! It’s something I didn’t even realize to teach them until they asked me. In the US it’s so common for a girl who is 12 or 14 years old to already know the computer but not here! So, I just spend sometime with the older girls teaching the older girls how to type and most importantly, how to play games. The only negative side is the girls just realized they have to cut their nails to play on the computer, something I’m excited for actually. The girls love to play games, even the most simple of games. I can make them play duck duck goose for a century and they would probably never get bored with it. Yet, they hate the game twister for some reason!