An Adventure I Wasn’t Expecting

It is hard for me to tell people exactly how I feel.  Even trying to tell one of my YMAD siblings about my kids is impossible.  No one will ever know how much I love my kids.  My mind is telling me that I will never see these angels again, but my heart is telling me that there is nothing in the entire world that will stop me from returning.  Greg and Marci helped me with my “emotional break-down.”  They both told me that this isn’t the end.  It was hard to believe because it literally felt like the end.  I’m not going to let it be the end.  Today, I had all my kids sign my guitar in English and Hindi.  When Urmila signed it, I almost lost my cool. During our last time teaching these kids, after the third lesson I couldn’t take it.  Marci helped me and was very supportive of me losing my cool behind my school.  At the end of my third lesson, Godaveri and Jagdish were telling me something in Hindi.  I brought Swati over to translate.  They kept asking me where I was leaving to.  I told them I was leaving to America.  Then they pointed to me and said, “Father.”  I didn’t know what to do.  So I grabbed my guitar and left before I cried.  Once I hit the light outside, my “emotional break-down” occurred.  I feel embarrassed that I cried so much.  But oh well, that’s who I am.  I’ll never forget my kids.

Landen Longson