Amy Eskander

I can’t believe that its already Friday and the day is already coming to an end. This week has been so amazing, more than I could have imagined. Its funny cause I’m not normally a morning person but when 6am comes I get excited to start the day. Today in our village school we did our medical assessments. I sat at a table in the front taking all the girls names and kept them occupied until it was their turn to be checked out. We worked on their English and I taught them how to “pound it & blow it up”… they loved that! These girls are so cute; I just want to take them all home with me. We visited a home in our village of Kochpakur today, and learned that one woman makes a living by making this cool looking pottery fire pit made of poop. Yeah, that’s right..”Poop”. In order to burn all the trash so that homes can be clean. Meggie and I decided to help out and get a little dirty. Not the best smelling job in the world, but kinda fun. This is such an amazing experience, one in which I am so grateful to be apart of. I am so glad that all of us have to opportunity to make a small difference in the lives of these wonderful people and children. One step closer to making this world a better place.